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Welcome to Anxiety Help for all


Anxiety associated with stress is the most common problem facing up to 13% of the UK population. If you are a sufferer of an anxiety disorder, you are not alone.


The Good News

The really good news is that all forms of Anxiety can be overcome. It can take time and effort and in some case be done relatively quickly.


The First Step

The first step that is needed is your own recognition of your discomfort. What exactly is going on inside your mind and body? Why do your own mental and physical systems run this way? Get our help booklet here


The Second Step

The next step is your commitment to work with and deal with your concern and get some help.


The Saddest Fact

The saddest fact is that many people do not seek help for their anxiety. I have come across people in their 70s and 80s who have just got around to working with their problem.


Some people don't even understand that they have an anxiety problem. For instance look at my own record below


I had a phobia with my own blood, I use to pass-out when bleeding freely; social gatherings were sometimes overwhelming; I blushed very easily; presentations were always a big challenge; I also never understood those episodes in the supermarket and other places where the World seemed to become distant and I felt out of touch with reality.


As I learned about Neuro LInguistic Programming and Hypnosis I began to realise that I had some deeply hidden anxieties that limited my life. With the help of other teachers I gradually learned to understand and deal with them, lessening their impact on my life. 


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Yes You Can Overcome Anxiety
An introduction to help you begin to overcome your anxiety.
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