Anxiety A Big Worry World Wide

The number of people affected by Chronic Anxiety problems is enormous.


The Uk has an estimated 13% of the population affected at any one time. The USA has an estimated 18%. The figures for the rest of the world are lower but again are high at 10%.


You can add to this my belief that many people do not register in these figures as they never seek attention.


From having had some contact with people and substance missuse I have recognised that many in this group seem to be covering up real anxieties by the use of drugs or alcohol.


We all know people who suffer from anxieties of one kind or another. Some of a very light and specific nature, such as a fear of wasps and others who seem to carry around a constant state or fear or worry


The good news is that all these concerns can be overcome. However it may take time to do so. There are some but few quick fixes. I have known simple phobias fixed in a short space of time but most concerns are coached out over several sessions.


The best thing to do is seek professional help.


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