Artie the Anxious Cat

Animals get anxious too.

This is Artie.      I am his person.


There was once a big debate in the Guardian Newspaper's letter page about the diffference between dogs and cats. The conclusion from the coorespondents was dogs had owners and  cats have STAFF!


Now Artie is not really like that. He is tiny cat who weights in at qbout 2.5 kilos, that is 5 1/2 lbs. That is tiny for the standard UK cat who often tip the scales at 5 and 6 kgs and sometimes more.


Because of his size Artie is bullied by the larger local cats. Two of them we know burgle his cat flap and steal his food. Artie takes refuge in our lounge and watches with trepidation. He is a fear full cat. In fact he is an anxious cat. He sits on the steps as though doing sentry duty. He flinches at all noises that come from the kitchen and utility area.


When you understand Arties history you will notice the similarities between his problems and those of the human population. I am not trying to make light of peoples suffering but using Artie to illustrate the problems in  an alternative way.



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