Artie the Anxious Cat History

Artie the anxious cat was a rescued cat but his story has a twist.


We decide that it was about time that we had a new cat about 6 years ago. The search was on. I had a client who recommended us to Jenny at the Cat Rescue. One evening we made our way over to Allerton to view cats and hopefully choose one to take home.


The house had several house cats around five or six I think. However, out the back there were huts and cages full of cats of all sizes, shapes and colours. I was determined not to get a psychotic cat just a real genuine moggie. We followed Jenny around her large cat family as she told us the tales of some of them. Towards the end of our tour we went into a small building that had three cages of small cats. In one cage were three tiny black kittens.


Jenny explained that two were brother and sister and one was the last of a litter the others all having found homes. As the cage door opened two kittens retreated hurriedly to the back of the cage and one made its way to the front, rolled on to its back for a tummy tickle and purred.


We saw a few more cats and then had to decide. Dot confided that she was confused and overwhelmed with cats. Sam and I both knew who we were taking home; it was the little black kitten who did the roll for the tummy tickle. He had chosen us.


He was about 9 weeks old and a very handsome, being black all over and very petite. We had all the things ready for him at home, bed, litter tray, dishes, food and water.


He was a real scaredy cat. In our lounge are two large, almost ceiling high, cabinets our new resident decided to hide behind one! It was impossible to get him out. Eventually hunger got the better of him.


He got it all wrong that night

That night we settled him down in the utility room in his new bed and then went to bed ourselves. In the morning, poor kitten, he had got it all wrong.


He had used his brand new bed as the toilet and slept in his litter tray! Poor little guy he was very confused on his first night alone.


His life story

We had learned his life story up to this point from Jenny the night before. Our anxious kitten had already experienced some of life's hardships. Soon after he and the rest of his litter were born, his mother was taken away. The man who owned and looked after the cat lived on his own. Not wanting to lose them, he began bottle-feeding the six kittens. He must have been really devoted to them because they all survived the loss of their mother.


Where had his mother gone? She had been rescued and taken to the cat rescue. Some very helpful soul had seen her scavenging in the bins behind the houses near her home. Heavy with milk she was dragged off to the safety of Jenny's. The owner of the kittens carried on feeding them diligently as they grew and became more adventurous. I have nothing but admiration for the owner he did a wonderful job.


Happily, due to Jenny's awareness that the mother was still feeding her young, enquires were made. Eventually a deal was made. The kittens were returned to their mum on two conditions

  • She was to be serilised when the kittens were old enough to leave her
  • The kittens would be found suitable homes and also sterilised.

Jenny believes that there are too many stray cats caused by unwanted births.


That is how we got our Artie the Anxious cat.


He has two anxieties; Separation Anxiety and a General Anxiety.


But more about that later. Keep tuned in




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