On Being Shot At part 2

Going back to my last post, “On Being Shot At”, I have some thoughts to add.


When I was struck by the pellet I was shocked, puzzled and confused. Also worried that I could be shot at again.


Rationally I knew that it was an accident. However my "what if" mind went into overdrive imagining lots of possibilities. Our minds are absolutely brilliant at doing that.


For example


  • What if it’s a nutter about to go on the rampage!?
  • What if I was really fired at for having disturbed the man’s hunted prey?
  • What if he had hit my eye?
  • What if it had hit one of the children?
  • The next thought was should I call the police? That one was easily resolved, it was essential because other people could be in danger.


The funny thing was the people walking towards the site where it had occurred seemed unconcerned when we told them.


The real anxiety came later when I reran all the possible outcomes, then it became really silly. That was when my blood pressure went up, I checked it, and I realised that I needed to control my breathing and reign in my imagination.


Because of an odd exchange on the phone with a police officer who felt that I had exaggerated the impact, anger was now added to the mix. I decided to write the facts down in a statement. Going back to the facts and the reality crystalised them in clear, simple, language for people to read. That really cleared my head.


So there is a good tip for getting focused on reality and away from anxiety and the "what if mind". Hold your mind in check by focusing on reality. Write down your experience and let your mind know that you are in charge. Oh and remember to breath deeply from the diaphragm.

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