Thank You

Monday 24th Sept 2012


One of the great treats with this work is when a client calls up to tell you how well they are doing.


It happened today.


Janet phoned today after her Friday appointment. She is one of my few returning smoking cessation clients. When I did a lot of stop smoking sessions I made a guarantee to all my clients that they could come back at anytime if they lapsed. I made this guarantee as I remembered my own attempts at stopping smoking and my lapses. I regularly managed 3 or 4 weeks and odd days here or there. The final, at that time, humiliation was stopping for 18 months. Yes a whole year and a half. Then capitulation. I was under great pressure and asked for a cigarette, smoked it and then was hooked again. It took me three more years to eventually become a true non-smoker. Now I just have no understanding of how any one could even attempt to go further than the first one. UGH!!!!


Back to Janet.


She is well into her 60 s. A truly lovely caring mum and grandma, she has even adopted her grandson. She thinks more about her family than her self. She is what I call a real Yorkshire mum. I’m not going to go into that now as it could take me some time.


Janet has been to see me for back up session more than I can remember. Each time she turns up with a story of stress or extreme family situations. Each time we talk for 30 to 45 minutes. Then I take her into a very light trance, reinforce what we have done before, take her into a very positive state and then have another chat.


Last Friday I learned of her ability to pick good horses to bet on. Not like some people who bet on anything but successful structured information that she use to pick winners. I was impressed with her methods.


Today I got a call from Janet telling me about her visit to the doctor. She had been afraid to go with her emphysema and admit that she had been smoking for the last ten days to her rather nice GP. She was now back on track and getting the attention and medication that she needed.


She thanked me for the help.


I have a feeling that this is the real break-through.

Thank you Janet for the thank you.



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