The State Your In

The State Your In                                                                           Part one


Have you noticed how you change your feelings during the day? You will have heard people refer to their state of mind, mind set, feelings

For instance you may wake up in the morning having had a poor nights sleep and emerge from your bed feeling tired and not really ready for your day’s demands.


Think back to a time when you have had a similar experience and how you remember feeling.


Now lets imagine that a really good friend comes visiting or calls you on the phone. What happens? Do you continue to stay with that low feeling or does something else begin to happen? Does your mood change as you talk to your friend? Does it depend upon the friend and how positive she is or do you explore your low feelings with her?


OK let’s switch the scenario a little. You start off in your low feeling; your friend calls and he is really buoyant and pleased that he is going to do a really demanding job. He tells you all about his expectations and his positive feelings. How does that affect you? Do you continue to feel the same or does your mood shift to reflect his?


As you go through your day does your mood stay constant?


Does the music that you listen to change your mood? How does the current News effect how you feel? Do other people affect your mood? Many people that I talk to seem to be affected by the experiences that they have around them and reflect that mood back to the people and world around them. Then there are the others who appear to come to very situation and appear very upbeat and always seem to reflect the best of people back to them.

What’s the difference? Is it the way we are created or is it possible to change and develop a more positive outlook to use all the time?

Have a go at keeping a record of your moods during a day and sense how much yours change or remain constant. Notice how external events affect you.

Then when you have done that come back to the next part of this series.

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