Accepting Anxiety as a Starting Point!!



There is one thing I'm sure some of my clients get tired of me talking about, that is the subject of acceptance.


There are several ways of dealing with the self when you have internal blocks, crises, or some kind of anxiety that is really getting into you. You could for instance just take it and go along with it and not take any action whatsoever. You could do battle with it, that of course would be fighting yourself because those things are internal. On the other hand you may want to ask someone to help you.


I'd suggest the starting point as being to simply accept what you have and exactly what your experience is now. Then use that as a place to build from.


I'm not suggesting a fight with yourself because that would be very painful. I'm not suggesting that you ride with it and just let it overwhelm you. Nor am I going to suggest you attempt to ignore it. And personally I would not want to use medication.


For me acceptance is the key. Simply a matter of saying to yourself I am here this is how things are with me at this moment and I want to do something about it.


There in that statement is an acceptance of the truth of the position and a decision to do something about.


Those people who decide to do battle with their innermost feelings, anxiety depression or any other troubling state of mind will be doing battle with them-selves. The reason being because it is a state of mind and a way of thinking that we're dealing with.


You cannot fight your thinking but you can understand it and begin to make changes in how you think.


Just consider this, that feeling that, state of mind is within you and doesn't exist outside of you. It may seem as though those feelings are driven by exterior factors. However they are not. You accept information from outside yourself and interpret it due to your mindset and mental state.


This feeling, this anxiety, this state of mind and body is yours. It does not belong to anyone else it only belongs to you, you are the one feeling what you feel in your own unique way. No one else is able to experience what you are experiencing.


There are other people around you who may well be suffering from an anxiety problem but their anxiety is theirs. You are probably aware of other people’s responses to your anxiety but often it is not very supportive or helpful. The reason for this is simple, unless you experience an overwhelming anxiety yourself then you have no idea whatsoever of what it feels like and how it reacts on your whole mind and body.


And in that fact is another reason to accept. That is to accept that most people, even those who are close to you and really care, cannot fully understand. People may be sympathise, empathise and make the right noises but they don't really understand what you are feeling.


I've probably stated my thoughts quite strongly but I know from my own experience that working with myself and learning how to work my mind was what took me through my anxieties.


Everyone is different and has their own way of dealing with anxieties and most people are capable of learning how to change the way they deal with themselves.


Of course once you have accepted that you have a problem with your anxiety and want to make changes and then there's the need to commit.


You’ve probably heard it said that “If you do what you’ve always done you will get what you have always got.”


The time to make a decision is now; decide on your best way to begin to change your life for the better.






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