You are Amazing

Can I offer a few thoughts?

We are all AMAZING. Just the sheer fact that we are alive and human going about our daily activities is amazing.

At times we tend to focus on all those aspects of our selves that stand out. And if you take the time to notice those tend to be the things that we feel negative about ourselves.

I often listen to people talk about what is wrong with them, not what is really good about themselves. It seems to be in our culture (I speak from an English point of view).

When you think about all the things that you can do, some of them that others think are amazing, you can appreciate yourself in another light.

Think about yourself as the intricate and wonderful biological being that you are. That incredible brain working away in your head is almost impossible to conceive due to its complexities. It's yours, your driving force behind being you.

In contrast as one of 7 billion you are also quite ordinary at the same time as being amazing.

Look at the world around you. All very normal and usual but at the same time extraordinary.

Where do you put your attention? Do you focus on only the negative thoughts about you? Or can you keep a balance?

As someone who suffered from what I now feel were low level but persistent anxieties I know the value of developing a persistent positive attitude. Positive towards me and all those I come into contact with during the day.

Yes I know it can be hard sometimes. Allow yourself to find the jewels in your day to day experiences and celebrate them, tell others about your achievements, praise others and enjoy the wonderful world around you.

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