Artie the Cat is still anxious

  You may well remember my earlier story about Artie the anxious cat. Well despite having made an alteration to Artie's cat flap he is still having problems. In fact the same problems.


The big bully boy cat who we call Sid, named after the famous Sid  in the book 6 dinners Sid, it's still invading Artie's space in the utility room. As long as the weather is fine Sid is always on the prowl looking for an opportunity to fill the his large belly.


Sadly Artie's food is the focus of Sid's attention. The size of two small 2.5 kg Arties Sid dominates the district and burgles houses where ever he wishes.


This causes our little black cat to be very un-nerved, seeing him leave the house in his highly nervous state you would think him to be a very sad little beast. When in fact in company with his owners  he is a very happy little soul.


We decided that a new cat flap was needed to reduce his anxiety. This led us to take Artie to the vets to be chipped. Plus the purchase of a new more expensive catflap that would open in response to the proximity of his new electronic chip.


We were advised by the vet staff that this catflap could not be opened from the outside by a cat's paw. Sadly this was not to be the case. Soon Sid and possibly some of his counterparts discovered a way to open the flap, also the flap did not closepropperly at times this also allowed easy access.


Once again Artie's  food was being stolen and he was showing signs of being terrorised and anxious once again.


Despite our vigilance he is still being made anxious by the regular invasions during the day and evening. I often walk out with him at night in order to reduce his anxiety. He is a character off the night and finds it difficult to resist the dark where he seems completely at ease, being a black cat. He is also something of a hunter and seems to enjoy catching his own food.


We are making enquiries  about increasing the efficiency of the Flaps ability to close correctly, as at the moment it continues to stick on the draft seal.


This of course does not help the poor little cat. Our only actions  are to treat him as lovingly as possible. Which is a very easy thing to do.


I'll keep you informed as we make progress.

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