Anxiety as a part of Everyday Life part 2

Yesterday you could have read my thoughts on anxiety being a part of all our lives as a daily occurrence. Not to say that all people feel anxiety everyday but that anxiety due to some situations is a potential possibility everyday.


Anxiety is an ever present for some people as it has begun to over-rule well-being. Feeling anxious has eroded the general sense of well-being and infiltrated the mind in situations where it is totally inappropriate.


The professionals call this a disorder and they have created many differentiations and names for it when really anxiety is only the over stimulation of our fight flight system.


Let’s think about the word Disorder.


I like to think about it as the way a new pack of cards is used and from being pristine and brand new it becomes ordered in different ways each time the pack is shuffled the order is disordered for the original pack the went ace, king, queen, jack etc. to one that could be rearranged in any order.


The brain can take on various configurations, adapt quickly to new situations and experiences, in effect become reordered. The cells creating dynamic new links with other cells, new learning changes the composition of our brains and subsequently changes our minds. Habits can be formed very quickly.


Thought patterns can become established almost instantaneously at times.


Just so anxiety disorders. As we can take the pack of cards and reorder them so we can to begin changing the configuration of our brain and mind and build it to run ourselves more comfortably.

Where do you begin? You begin by learning to think differently.

See the next post for a starting place.


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