Are Stress Levels Going Down?

The following is an extract from my local Wellbeing news letter


Recent reports from health authorities have revealed that the number of days work lost through stress have reduced over the last 10 years. Is this a true reflection of the numbers affected and the additional pressures created by the present financial situation?


Work place stress is one of the main causes of absence from work according to figures published by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), data shows 10.4 million days lost during 2011 /12, an average of 24 days lost per affected person. Compare this with the figures for 2001/02 when there were up to 12.4 million working days lost. Why these numbers have fallen is not mentioned in the HSE report. When the financial situation of the last 6 years is taken into consideration there is large questions as to why these changes have taken place and why the numbers have not risen as would be expected during a time when financial constraints have affected many and job losses and business closures have risen.


Have the support services for stressed people improved by 16% as cuts in service have been implemented in the NHS? Is there more effective treatment available? Are individuals learning to self manage these problems? Or could it be that people are just not bothering to seek medical help having realisied that mental health is still the poor relation of the health services in this country?

One major plus is the “Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Programme” has expanded and aims to treat 8% of NHS patients. Let’s hope this is a positive move towards improving the importance of treatment of mental health in the UK.

Let me know your opinion or first hand experience.

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