Anxiety to Calm Course March 22

It will take place in Bingley between 9:30am and 5:30pm March 22nd 2014

A brand new course which will make my one to one style work avaiable to all. I will take you through the same six steps that I now use with clients in the office.


The benefit you only pay £25 for the day and there will be an exclusive group of only 

12 people.


The six steps are

·       Foundation - the structure that is common to all anxieties and stress and how our brains work.

·       Emotions – changing mental states and the Relaxation Response and Mindfulness

·       Self Esteem – Self Confidence  - Self talk - how we think about ourselves shapes our lives – simple steps to change.

·       Release negative links to the past and move forward.

·       Planning a new future using the new skills.

·       Creating powerful visualisations to help put the new future in place.



E-mail me for more details at


Or call 01535 692207.


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