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Panic Attacks or Panic Disorder


The first experience of a Panic attack is usually a very frightening experience. For those of you that have had one or more you will now that feelng of sheer terror as the feelings take hold.


For those of you who don't know imagine this scenario


  • The world around you becomes distant, your not part of it.
  • You are sweating.
  • There could well be a pain in your chest that feels like a heart attack is happening right now.
  • Your heart is pounding or palpitating which adds to the fear of a heart attack.
  • You may be tembling.
  • Nausea sweeps through your body
  • There is a tingling feeling in hands, lips or feet.
  • Breating is difficult and your chest feels tight.
  • You may feel dizy and faint.
  • Your throat is constricted.
  • You believe that you are going to let go of control and even go mad.
  • This could be the end of your lie you're dying.
  • Finally the people around you are concerned but do not understand.
  • And the ultimate insult the doctor or emergency service find nothing wrong with you.

Of course all these symptoms may not be there during a full blown Panic Attack but it will still be very frightening. The other frightening aspect for the sufferer is that they just happen out of the blue.


I never did full blown panic attacks myself I just had strange disorientating periods of being distant and removed from the world. I felt out of touch with everyone and things around me. Was I going crazy? Gradually the feelings would pass and I would be back to normal. These occurences were generally in the supermarket. Do you know I never told anyone about them?


Panic Attacks are also known as Panic Disorder.


There is another stage of panic attacks that leads on to Agoraphobia


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