Anxiety Reduction Course

Are you ready to begin to make those changes that will help you lead a calmer and more comfortable life?


Then you are about to find out how to begin.


For some time I have been planing to run online course to help people for whom 1 to 1 help is out of reach. Now I am planning the first of these courses and I am seeking to discover if people who suffer from anxiety of various sorts would like to attend an online class. If I get the right kind of response then I will be ready to run this very soon in the next couple of weeks. Places will be limited because this is the first one and for the same reason the cost will be kept low.


But firstly can you answer this question for me? Do you want to take part in an online course to help you reduce your anxieties?


And do you have any special request?


For this particular course I will not be able to help those with PTSD or severe agoraphobia or simple phobias. There are other ways to deal with these. Other anxiety concerns will respond to my teaching as they all have common elements. The focus will be on changing your response to habitual amygdala behaviour; the fight, flight, freeze response; that can overrule your behaviour when things become overwhelming.


If this is of interest to you fill in the response form below and let me know and I will keep you up to date with progress and dates. I'm really interested to hear what you have to say.

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