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Amygdala the root of anxiety
The Amygdala and Hypocampus

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Would you believe it, the little area coloured red on the brain diagram above labelled Amygdala is responsible for your anxieties, panic attacks and your excessive worries, it’s all the result of the tricky nature of that little but very significant organ in our brain.

Over 20 years ago if a doctor had told me all the weird things I had experienced for years were the result of that little red devil I would have asked for its removal.

“Please chop it out.” I would have pleaded. “Now!”

I know better now but back then it would have made sense. Mind you it probably would not have come to that as I never told anyone, not even doctors, about the things I experienced, except for those physically obvious things which seemed potentially life threatening to me. The internal fears and embarrassment I kept to myself.

(Please note; there are very good reasons for not getting rid of the Amygdala.)

Many people suffer in silence, as I did, whilst others watch on. I remember watching Lily sitting in the pub next to her husband, as she sat quietly tearing tissues into tiny strips, no one knew why, no one asked why, she was just considered a bit odd. 

It’s such a personal thing, even now lots of people are afraid to talk about their experiences and fears. Many sufferers’ feel they’re alone; you are not on your own. Millions of people have similar problems and the knowledge is growing so that relief is becoming more and more effective. There is lots of experience of this problem and the old methods are changing rapidly, help is at hand.


Your body naturally responds to danger to protect you.


Have you ever wonder why and how this works for you? Read on to learn how your body’s natural biological processes cause you to experience anxiety with the help of the Amygdala. Then find out how you can be helped.

To me Anxiety is not a mental illness, it is a learned way of toxic thinking. For some anxiety problems, such as PTSD, the learning is almost instant, that again is the amygdala’s ability to over-react in order to help protect you. It doesn’t make sense when you think about it logically but the main function of that part of your brain is to protect you from harm. A powerful alarm system is set up rapidly to help stop you repeating the actions that threatened your safety.

Let’s admit it the personal discomfort of an anxiety disorder can become unbearable, even just thinking about it can bring back those feelings. To talk about the hurt and tragedy of an anxiety disorder may seem pointless as you know each detail of your problem intimately, however your experience of anxiety is unique. Each sufferer has their own tale to tell because each and everyone of us follows a different path with a personal focus.


Do you recognise any of the following


For the instance some of you may focus on and be perfectly happy socialising with friends and relations but find relating to strangers difficult, Others may find mixing with even well known people a difficult and stressful task.

In the teaching profession I know some teachers who are perfectly happy to present an assembly to fellow staff members, pupils and parents in a full assembly hall. Yet when it comes to being judged for an evaluation by a senior member of staff, who may also be a friend, the teacher may freeze, become anxious and go to pieces.


 Even Famous Actors have Problems

A fear of giving presentations may link back to being shown up in front of a class by a teacher. With others it could be a desire for perfection.

Lawrence Olivier, the famous actor, had the reputation of being a perfectionist. The anxieties generated from this probably caused him to fear going on stage and the feelings then made him vomit before a performance.


General Anxiety Disorder

With general anxiety disorder (GAD) you may find discomfort in the bowels while others may struggle with overwhelming tension in the neck and shoulders. All the while both may well be coping with the deep dread of impending problems of an unknown nature.


Agoraphobia can grow from having only one panic attack and the fear of it happening in public again and being show up in front of others. This one experience may colour the rest of a person's life. Another agoraphobic person may have a highly developed social phobia where potential judgement by others, even in small groups, becomes unbearable.

I have met and worked with people who have such a deep fear of the world that they cannot bear to go out of doors alone These frightened souls keep safe by staying at home to lower their high sense of anxiety and create a sense of personal safety in the home.

These people may find it impossible to leave the home.

Some of these fear-full people are too afraid to make changes in the way they think and live to improve their lives because the thought causes yet more fear. It feels safer to stay the same even when change could make life so much better.

This all makes sense when you realise that over the years friends and relations have been developed ways to protect the person from their fears making them feel very protected and loved.

Imagine having all your outside chores done for you, shopping, visits to the doctors become home visits, friends and relations come to the house, would you want to change and face a new fear?


As we are all individuals your experience of anxiety is unique          

Testimonial from a client with a personal anxiety.

(On file)



The Amygdala’s Tricks



The Amygdala is the common factor for us all.


The secret behind all anxiety concerns is common to us all; they are two small gland like areas in the mid-brain called the amygdala. They look like almonds, are almond sized and so are called by the Greek name for an almond, amygdala

This little structure is there to protect you from danger and potential threats and it also helps us learn to recognise potential dangers in double quick time. No conscious thought is involved with this very efficient job but it has a tendency to over react. It also has direct links to our experience of good things and the creation of memories so it does have a very positive side too.

Our little helper has some neat tricks, to protect us it turns on the fight, flight, response when we are threatened. This begins to create problems.


The first problem.


The fight flight response belongs to our primitive midbrain and as such it belongs to one of our more primitive ancestors but it is still useful for us now.

Think of it this way. In the past our hunter-gatherer ancestors needed to respond to threats and dangers very quickly as a means of survival. Faced with a wild beast or an aggressive enemy they needed the ability to fight or run and in some cases remain still, however in the current world this is not always the first priority.


The second problem.


This all happens very quickly. Almost instantaneously.

In this almost instantaneous preparation for action the amygdala sets in motion various biological functions to make your actions more efficient.


The following happens


  • Adrenaline flows into the bloodstream to help running or fighting.
  • The heart beats faster.
  • Some bodily functions shutdown.
  • Breathing rate increases.
  • The thinking part of the brain gives way to instinct.
  • Blood can flush the face.
  • Sweating and sticky palms may develop.
  • The body is ready for immediate action.
  • Muscles are pumped up ready to respond.
  • All these actions set up the body’s resources to achieve safety.


The third problem.


The body's response by-passes our conscious intelligence causing us to act dumb!


And one more problem.


This next problem is the icing on the cake because the amygdala is extremely good at learning new threats very quickly. Say, for instance, once in your life a dog bit you, this new piece of information would be recorded as a new kind of danger.

From only one experience this memory is now available to the amygdala as a comparison by which to judge similar dangers. Because the amygdala works very quickly to protect us it is not always very good at matching like for like. It may see a big friendly dog as a dog that is going to bite!


Would you like to Learn how to use the secrets of your mind to help you overcome your problem with this 6-step one day course


How can it be overcome?


One great thing that has occurred over the last few years of brain research is the understanding of the ability that our brain has to learn and reorganise itself, even as we get older, what the specialists call Brain Plasticity. In his book about OCD, “Brain Lock,” Jeffrey M. Schwartz, M.D., describes the changes that can be seen on brain scans as OCD clients are taught new thinking patterns. The brain scans show that as new skills are learned different areas of the brain are active, showing that subjects are thinking in a different way. The new thinking skills helped the group studied to reduce the overwhelming effects of their OCD.


This new one day programme uses all the aspects that I have learned through my personal experience of anxiety, my knowledge of Neuro Linguistic Programming, trance work  and my work with one to one clients over several years.


It is possible to change your way of thinking in order to reduce your anxieties, the more you learn and use the skills the better life can become. Would you like to know the components of the……


The Anxiety to Calm Workshop


In this one day workshop you will learn practically the same information as my one to one clients pay over £300 for. The cost is only £25 for the day.


During the day you will learn:-

—  Simple relaxation patterns to help you through anxious moments.

—  A breathing technique that can be the key to relaxation.

—  How a change of focus can get you back on track.

—  The key to being able to shift states of mind and body.

—  What an anchor is to past experiences and how it affects you now.

—  Ways to create anchors to new or better of feeling to change your outlook.

—  A method to tackle panic attacks quickly.

—  An understanding of anxiety that will take away its fears.

—  New understandings of your physiology that causes anxiety overload.

—  Up to date understanding of the psychology of anxiety.

—  Mental processes to help reduce your fears.

—  Diet tips and help.

—  Exercise tips and help.

—  The role of the subconscious part of our mind.

—  Proof once and for all that anxiety or panic attacks won’t kill you.

—  A series of exercise to help reduce stress that undermines control.

—  How to switch that internal self talk from negative to positive.


All this and more in a warm, friendly, supported environment where you will be led gently through several steps in six clear areas:-

·      Foundation – an introduction - the structure that is common to all anxieties and stress and how our brains work.

·      Emotions – changing mental states, the Relaxation Response and Mindfulness.

·      Self Esteem – Self Confidence  - Self talk - how we think about ourselves shapes our lives – simple steps to change.

·      Release negative links to the past and move forward. Learn a powerful technique that reduces emotional links to the past

·      Planning a new future using the new skills.

·      Creating powerful visualisations to help put the new future in place.

Each stage will be weaved in and out of deep relaxation processes to help you absorb all that you learn more easily. It is recognised by Accelarated Learning expert Alan Rose that learning in what he calls the Alpha State, a relaxed state where the brain is more receptive, helps to create long lasting understanding.

The final stage Creating Powerful Visualisations is one that has been used in the past by many well know creative people to create new ideas Whilst we are not all geniuses we all do have our own personal genius to help visualise what it is that we want and move towards it. As has often been quoted “Whatever you can do or dream you can begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it”

The better we can build the future in our minds and release the blocks from the past the more we achieve. You may feel that to be a challenge, good, because my aim is to help you through that challenge as much as I can so you begin to lead a happier life.

The course Next course is to be held in Bingley, West Yorkshire. Keep watching this space for the next one day course. Or better still sign up to our mailing list. (We will never pass your details to other sites in order to guarantee your privacy.)

Teas and coffee will be provided but not lunch.

A refund will be granted to those people who feel the course is not for them. All that you need to do is have a quiet word before the afternoon session and an immediate refund will be given. No questions asked.

 There you go what have you got to lose?


If you struggle with getting out and about and would like to come with a friend then please just let Ian know and arrangements can be made at no extra charge.

To sign up call 01535 692207 and speak to Ian.