Here it is the first Anxiety Help book What To Do For Your Anxiety now on Kindle.


And don't worry if you don't have a Kindle because you can get a download so that you can read them on your computer. Brilliant!!


The book is designed to help you deal with your anxiety in a way that suits the way you think. If you are like I was then the thinking patterns that you use continually reinforce your anxiety. To change how your life is means that you start with what you think. Not with what you do and not with what you feel.


Read the book as it leads you through a 20 day programme for only £2.50 or $2.99, the same kind of steps I use with my one to one clients.


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If you visit Amazon the information on the book reads as follows:-


"What To Do For Your Anxiety is a stimulating, fun and practical approach to help you overcome your anxiety. It is based upon the author’s 15 year experience of helping personal clients overcome their anxieties. He also draws upon his own experience of anxiety problems.

What To Do For Your Anxiety teaches you how to think in ways that are different. You are probably aware of the fact that most people who suffer from anxiety think in fearful ways. Wouldn’t you agree that changing your thought patterns will change your life? You’re interested in feeling much better aren’t you?

By now you may well be wondering just what does this book contains.

There are 20 Learning Experiences, one for each day of the programme. Each one is designed to take you a step further on your way to living a happier life. You will be learning how to think in more positive ways, wouldn’t you agree that is worthwhile?

For instance on day 5 you will begin to change your self-talk. If you are anything like the author was then your self-talk could well be very negative. You will be taught a simple mantra that you can use when you internal dialogue is less than self-supportive. By this means you can begin to change your way of thinking to be more positive.

As you read this what sorts of benefit come into your thoughts?

Whilst you think about the benefits of that, you might also like to consider days 4 and 7. On these days you will be asked to tune in to your thoughts and learn how they affect your feelings. Then you’ll learn a positive way to begin to change your mind set.

On day 9 your task is to learn how positive experiences can be brought to mind easily and used to increase your sense of well-being. By now can you begin to imagine the possible benefits to yourself.

The skills and techniques that you will be using to change your life are taken from Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP. Each step comes from studying how other people run their minds in the most effective ways. In essence what you will be doing is using the thought patterns of talented people who run their minds in mindful ways.

Think of how fantastic you’ll feel when you find out how to switch your states of mind easily and rapidly during day 16 when you will learn about anchors.

As you begin day one of the sequence of Learning Experiences you will be asked to commit to developing your own well-being over the next 20 days. You can of course take all the time you like to complete all 20 steps. Remember the commitment is key to making progress.

Each step will help you reach your goal.

Can you commit 20 to 30 minutes a day for 20 days or more?

Included in the book is a link to an e-mail where you can ask for help or clarity if you have any problems with your progress.


The amazon code is ASIN: B005LRXW5W

This is a short concise book with no theory or long-winded technical jargon. It gets straight to the point and helps you. In a few pages it will help you begin to overcome your anxiety. As you consider the benefits of that, you might like to think about all the time that you have lost due to anxious states of mind.

And I am not going to tell you about days 4, 6 and 8 because you may be surprised by their light hearted nature, having fun is important, don’t you think?

As the author I can tell you that there is one simple way of changing thought patterns in this book that shifted the whole way I had of running my life and thinking. That is the technique to change your Self-talk to be more positive. From that moment on my life and positive nature took a turn for the better and it has lasted.

There is a very modest charge for this book. Give it a go and see how well you do and then on day 19 you can really Celebrate Your Progress.

There are no real guarantees in this life but if you don’t make the effort then nothing will change. Commit yourself to changing your life and buy What To Do For Your Anxiety."


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