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There are several types of anxiety. Each has it's own spectrum of symptoms. I'll list the most common below. Remember all anxieties exist for some reason. At some point your mind and body learned to react this way to keep you safe. This reaction became fixed in your subconscious and now has a controlling influence.


The good news is that just as you learned to act and feel this way you can learn to act and feel differently. It may take time, it can be achieved.


Let's begin with Simple Phobias.


Specific Phobias - are many and diverse, ranging from the fear of flying through the fear of insects, blood, animals, objects, situations and places. Most phobias are related to one thing only. We shall leave agoraphobia as a separate concern.


Complex Phobias - phobias with more than one concern.


Agoraphobia - Commonly known as a fear of open spaces agoraphobia is generally linked to panic attacks. In some case only one panic attack is experienced. This can lead to a secondary fear of having another panic attack in a similar place away from the safety of home or support. Over time this fear grows and can become even more debilitating.


GAD - General Anxiety Disorder - General Anxiety - Are labels of the same concern. An overall feeling of anxiety and discomfort that exist and is felt a lot the time.


Social Anxiety - Feelings of anxiety that are felt most strongly in social sitiuations or anticiapted to happen in social situations. 


PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Anxiety caused by the experience of a traumatic situation or cumulative experiences.


OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - This type of anxiety has two parts, obsession and compulsion. The obsessive part causes a person to focus on one or particular aspects of life, such as cleanlines, counting or orde, for example, the compulsion aspect results in repeated actions carried out many times.


Performance Anxiety - Most performers, professional or not, want to get their presentation right when in front of an audience. For some people being judged by an audience large or small is a real cause of fear. Even some of the worlds most accomplished performers suffer in this way. The good news is that you can learn to deal with these feelings and feel more comfortable in front of an audience.


Separation Anxiety - Being separated from family or friends can be an anxiety creating situation for some people. It is possible to come to terms with this experience and move on.


Panic Attacks - Panic Disorder - Panic attacks are often created when in familiar situations that suddenly become threatening. The mind and body go into a highly alert state that can cause even more fear to develop. Symptoms include nausea, palputations, sweating, disorientation and fear of a heart attack. With guidance this conditin can be understood and overcome.




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