To down load the Anxiety Help Booklet click below.


The Anxeity Help booklet will help you to understand more about your concern and give you the following


16 ways to and address your problem including

  • How to deal with self talk
  • Accepting your subconscious is running the show and how to work on understand yourself
  • An easy way to relax
  • Thoughts about diet  
  • Exercise
  • A way to help you be more cheerful every morning
  • Plus a few lighthearted thoughts to ease you throughout the day.

Also included are thoughts on

  • Sleep
  • Types of treatment
  • The first steps to take
  • A list of some symptoms and types of anxiety disorders
  • and a warning to seek expert advise.

The booklet covers the basics and wil help you make a decision as to what you need to do next. Download it below there is no charge.

Anxiety Help Booklet - Yes you can overcome your anxiety
A concise introduction to anxiety, its causes and ways to overcome feelings of anxiety.
YES You Can Overcome Anxiety.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.8 MB