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A simple phobia is fear of one specific thing only. On the other hand a Complex Phobia is related to other things in your life. For some people this may be to do with some kind of trauma or prolonged stress or abuse.


I have had clients come to me and explain that they have a particular phobic raction, say to sickness or being looked at. As usual I will talk to the person to understand their concern. Generally it is a simple phobia and we work together to create a new way of reponding. In some cases the client does not disclose the whole picture. This is for various reasons but usually one of trust in the therapist, it takes time to build a trusting relationship. Also the fear of disclosing sensitive and sometimes frightenting personal experiences is very difficult.


If you have complex issues it is possible to begin to make positive steps to change and move towards a happier, healthier way of living your life.



What is your phobia? Or do you know someone with a problem?


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