General Anxiety Disorder help for West Yorkshire

The phsyciatric professionals differrentiate between General Anxiety and General Anxiety Disorder in their own way. For the lay wo/man it can seem to be the same. The difference is in the word Disorder.


If you are troubled with a GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) Then you will probably feel anxious most of the time. In fact you will worry about most things. According to the DSM 1V you will worry daily about more than two or more stressful things for longer than five months. Each person who worries at this level has different focuses but the do not cross over in to greater complications. You need to seek help of some sort.


We all suffer from anxiety from time to time and it can be very uncomfortable. But anxiety becomes a condition / disorder when it becomes out of control and affects our thinking and everyday life.


When I was first confronted with the word Disorder when applied to Anxiety I did not really understand the use. Eventually it became clear as I thought about the true meaning of Dis - Order; it means not in the right order.


Think of it this way. Take a fresh pack of cards and open it. What do you find? All the cards are in the correct suite numbered 1 to King. They are in order. To play a game the pack is shuffled. Now the pack is in Disorder. At the same time the pack is still complete, nothing is missing, it is just muddled up.


It is not OUT OF ORDER, like you may see a sign stuck on a machine, meaning it is not working. The cards still work as a pack of cards. Now lets apply these thoughts to the concern General Anxiety Disorder (GAD).


The Disorder is in the thinking process. If we were to place two people side by side, one with GAD and one with just a general anxiety. What would we notice when we looked at them? Would the GAD person have a sign around the neck saying OUT OF ORDER?


Of course not.


You may see that one looks less happy than the other but they would both be living breathing human beings functioning perfectly at most levels. The concern of one of them is internal in their thinking process, not in the whole experience of being HUMAN.


Thinking can be changed. There are lots of ways to begin changing your minds processes. I for one use Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis. Some practitioners use Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) to help people. A new approach is to develop mindfulness which is a way of thinking that is a mind-body approach that helps you to relate differently to life. Through meditative techniques it develops ways of paying attention to thoughts, feelings and body sensations. The aim is to teach greater awareness that leads to help you manage awkward experiences, and choose better outcomes.


The first thing to do is decide that you need help and then talk to someone who may be able to help you. There is more then one approach.


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