Anxiety Self Help

Anxiety Self Help is a very positive way to get yourself out of anxious states. HOWEVER, it can take time and it does take concerted effort to reach where you would prefer to be. You can do it.


Where to begin?


Well the only place to start is at the beginning. For me the start of dealing with my own anxieties was after I had started the process. Yes, I know that sounds silly but I knew there was something about me that I was unhappy with but never identified it as anxiety. It was only as I began to recognise it in others and work with them to help bring about changes with NLP that I understood that these low level feelings that I had for years had a name, Anxiety.


I'm not about to tell you my life story here. Let's think about you.


As you are reading this I can assume you are either bothered by some form of anxiety or know someone who is. In that first case you have already started on step one. You believe that you have an anxiety concern and now you are doing some research.


Stage one is noticing that you have something about you that you want to change.


Stage two is making the decision to do something about it.


Stage three is deciding to find out what can be done.


Stage four is the action stage, doing something positive to make changes.


There are three easy steps that you can take to help you on the way to begin changing your subconscious habits. The programmes that you run below your conscious thoughts run much of your life. Believe it or not, you have learned to operate your life as an anxious person. No you did not choose to, you have just learned and picked it up over the years, mostly in you formative years. By now you will have got very good at doing it this way and could feel that this is how you will always run your life.


Lets start right now taking control and putting life on a more conscious level.


  1. Reduce all stimulants ( including coffee and strong tea ) and alcohol.
  2. Start to do some light exercise. Take knowledgeable advice if you have done little exercise. Slow and easy is better than fast and injured. A regular walk is a good way to start.
  3. Learn diaphragm breathing. ( More on this to follow ).