Learning to deal with your anxiety


You may wonder what my services consist of and how I can help you.


Let me explain. The processes that I use are designed to help you help yourself. It is very difficult to make people change their minds without them wanting to. As this is the case I envisage the programme as a learning process for you as the client.


You will be challenged to begin thinking in a different way. A way that is designed to help you lift your anxiety and improve your life. There is no magic wand to wave. You will need to commit to changing your life in order to look forward to a better future.


If you download the booklet Yes You Can Overcome Your Anxiety from the download page you will be give a more detailed picture of my approach.


I use two set approaches and one open end approach.


  1. Simple Phobias are generally lifted in two sessions. The charge is £60 per session. A total of £120. Sometimes aditional sessions are needed.
  2. General Anxiety, Panic Attack, Social Anxiety, Performance Anxiety and other associated fears follow a 6 session programme. This costs £300 paid up front or £60 per session. This is usually a good basis to reduce anxiety levels to acceptable levels and leaves you to develop your skills further with the use of back up CDs.
  3. Open ended approach for Agoraphobia and OCD. These two conditions can have additional layers to deal with. An initial set of 6 sessions will be used as above with additional sessions as needed. 6 sessions at £300 paid up front or £60 per individual sessions.

For each programme a set of goals will be agreed to during the initial session. If these are not reached in the set period then further sessions will be complimentary until you are satisfied with your progress.