Social Anxiety Help for People in Bradford Keighley and Leeds areas

Social Anxiety sometimes called Social Phobia or Social Anxiety Disorder



Social Anxiety Disorder can be debilitating for some people.


At the light end of the spectrum we can have people who blush in company, feel uncomfortable when in mixed company, don't like doing presentations and being in a position where others can judge them.


At the difficult end of the spectrum are those people who are totally terrified by the prospect of being in company or in front of others to such an extent that they rarely seek company outside a small circle. Some of these people can shun company so much that they are tending towards agoraphobia.


The common thread running through all the aspects is the fear of being judged negatively by others. The fear can even affect those who have attained great success and acclimation being in front of others. The famous actor Lawrence Olivier was noted for being physically sick sometimes before he went on stage.


Your question, probably is, "How do I get myself out of this state of thinking?" "How can I stop feeling like this when with other people?"


Before you decide to work with me then there are a few steps to go through.

  • The first stage is to realise that you have a concern, Social Anxiety, that you cannot deal with by yourself.
  • Secondly you will need to work out what sort of approach you want to take.
  • If my approach attracts you then call me on 01535 692207 to have complimentary consultation either one to one, skype or by phone. There is no obligation to go on to the next stage. I am very happy to assist you.
  • At that first consultation we can decide if what I do suits your needs.
  • On the first paid session we will begin to understand the background to your concern. The question being asked here is, “From where did this way of thinking develop?”
  • Once understood we can begin to use methods to release the emotions that drive this subconscious way of thinking.
  • As mental limits from your past are understood and released then we can begin to understand and rebuild your self-esteem.
  • You will learn how states of mind affect states of body and how to create positive states of mind at will.
  • During these sessions you will be taught to use deep relaxation techniques to help you progress and the techniques of visualisation to move you forward in your new way of running your life.
  • As we progress you will be able to test out how the future could be by using the technique of future rehearsal where you can see and test out how things work. It is called Future Pacing.
  • As you progress you will be encouraged to practice all the things that you learn in the real world, because you want this to work with other people don't you?
  • Finally together we will check that you can use all these techniques effectively when you no longer have my support.
  • CD or mp3 recordings for home use may support some of the sessions.
  • And you will have my private phone number in case you need it during the course or beyond.


For that first complimentary session Call Now on 01535 692207 or if outside office hours use the box to to right. Thank You


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