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Performance Anxiety

There are different experiences of Performance Anxiety

Stage fright and other fears of performing on stage or sports venue

• Public Speaking

• any other form of very painful anxiety caused when individuals present to, speak or stand in front of others such as in class or small groups, even socially.

• Sexual performance

I will set up links for each as the site grows.

Like all other social anxieties, the fear of performance, is based around a fear of being judged. It is an acute internal awareness that others may well be judging you unfavourably. The question I often ask is how do you know people are judging you?

The usual answer is, "I don't know for sure."

We are all vulnerable to these kinds of thoughts. They are what bother most people before some kind of public event. For the person with a really strong Performance Anxiety these thoughts can be overwhelming. It becomes a recognised psychological problem when it begins to limit your enjoyment of life.

Some people can begin to worry about a performance long before the event. I had one man visit me a whole nine months before making a speech at his daughters wedding.

An often quoted statistic is "More people are afraid of public speaking than dying." I have never seen the original research results. But when you talk to people it is clear that this is a real fear for many.

Strangely I have found, from my teaching experience, that many teachers fear doing a presentation in front of their colleagues. When it comes to being observed in class by, even a well liked, colleague many teachers suffer from severe feelings of anxiety.

I'll bet most of you thought those teachers were supremely confident.

Stage fright is a form of anxiety that can affect even the most seasoned performers. I was very recently listening to a veteran British actress who explained her fear of the stage which at one point led her in to break down. With coaching she recovered.

I have also heard stories of famous football players who would regularly vomit before performing wonderfully before large crowds of supporters. This happened even on their home ground.

My Dad, who lives in Canada, was friendly with an Ice-hockey goal keeper who also vomited due to "nerves" before the start of every game. This guy was not even in the top professional game.


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