Dangers of Self Medication

As mentioned on another page Social Anxiety can be experienced as a forgotten form of anxiety. The sufferer often, wrongly, hides it away. That means many of you who have this problem do not visit the doctors. The actual number of sufferers is unknown but is probrably around about 2 - 4 % of adult population. About 1.5 million in the UK and 7 million in the USA.


Many who suffer from social anxiety do not understand that they are suffering from a recognised condition that is readily treatable. One consequence of this is a tendency to self medicate. Self-medication can take various forms, some of them dangerous.


     Common self-medications are

  • Over the counter medication
  • Herbal
  • Street drugs
  • Alcohol


 Alcohol and street drugs are probably very common amongst all types of anxiety sufferers. I have met several heavy drug users who suffer from one form or other of anxiety. The problem with both heavy drug and alcohol use is that it can increase the levels of anxiety over time. This is of course without mentioning the inherent dangers of the substances.


For you the person who is suffering the social anxiety and wanting treatment it can all seem confusing! A visit to your doctor is probably the best place to start


Other ways forward could be

  • Accept that you are not alone
  • Accept that treatment does work
  • Accept that you are not mentally ill
  •  Some of your thinking processes need to change
  • Have a good look around this site and others to gather information
  •  Talk to someone who you know will listen
  • Speak to a medical professional
  • Go to your book store / library and look at books on Social Anxiety or Anxiety
  • Look on Amazon
  • Call a therapist who deals with anxieties and talk to them
  • Use an on-line forum or chat room
  • Seek help from one of the organisations that offers support
  • Find one of the self help packages for sale on line


 All the above can work for some people, but not for all people.


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is very well thought of and is recommended by the British National Health Service and other recognised institutions. Practitioners can be found in many countries.


To find out what suits you the best have a look around this site. Talk to a medical practitioner and ring around some therapy providers.


Remember some programmes may use a mix of talk and medication. Some practitioners find that drug treatment can over-ride talk therapies.